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What You Should Know About The Penny Longboard

The Penny Board Longboard, released in 2015, is a 36-inch pintail that bridges the gap between the boards that made the Penny brand famous – their 22” cruisers – and the wider skateboard commuter market.

The components of a Penny longboard are exactly what you would expect of a Penny – a sturdy, molded plastic deck on high-quality trucks and wheels.

It is the only true longboard in the Penny line.

How big is a Penny longboard?

A penny longboard measures 36”(L) x 9.5”(W).

penny longboard

How much does a Penny longboard weigh?

Due to its substantial deck, a Penny longboard weighs more than any other skateboard in the Penny line at 7.8 lbs.

Penny Longboard Pros

The Penny Longboard is like other Penny skateboard.

The deck is solid, the wheels roll smooth, and the trucks are highly responsive.

It definitely contends with wooden longboards at the same price point.

As a company known mainly for its cruisers, it’s smart of Penny to cover a wider range of cruiser sizes, giving consumers options.

If you are looking into Penny longboards, here are the biggest pros as we see them:

Penny Longboards are cheaper than their wooden counterparts.

The $139 (basic) or $159 (design) longboards come in $40-60 cheaper than comparable longboards with wood decks.

Penny Longboards weigh less than their wooden counterparts.

Like a lot less.

The longboards made by Penny come in about three pounds lighter than wooden longboards of the same size.

Penny Longboards are sturdy.

Molded plastic Penny Longboard decks hold at least 220 pounds. (Though, they can typically hold more.)

This puts them on par with the top wooden longboard weight capacities.

Penny Longboards are good for beginners.

The decks of Penny longboards are some of the most rigid longboard decks available.

This makes balancing and steering easier for new longboarders.

Penny Longboard Cons

As many benefits as Penny longboards have, they also have their disadvantages.

Here are some of the disadvantages we see with Penny Longboards:

Penny Longboards are heavier than the rest of the Penny line.

There is no way for them not to be. They do have a lot more deck.

But one of the things that has made Penny Skateboards a brand to be reckoned with is their focus on smaller, lighter skateboards which appeal to a certain subset of commuters.

Although Penny Longboards do weigh a lot less than their wooden counterparts, eight pounds of skateboard is still a lot of board to lug around.

Penny Longboard decks may be a little TOO sturdy.

While a rigid deck is great for downhill, the Penny longboard is not.

Its pintail design and length provide little stability for downhill runs.

Instead, Penny designed a casual cruiser… that’s just a little bit stiff for casual cruising.

The wheels are soft, but a little more give to the deck would be easier on the body.

Penny Longboards aren’t very eco-friendly.

Wood is sustainable and renewable and decomposes far more rapidly in landfills.

Plastic is a bit of an eco-villain.

Penny Longboard Verdict

The Penny Longboard is a very decent beginner longboard.

It provides incredible stability, rolls fast, and its trucks are ultra-responsive.

If you want a Penny branded board with a little more support, the Penny Longboard is a great option.

It is also a good budget longboard option for those looking to save a little money, while still getting a quality ride.

What a Penny Longboard isn’t going to do is replace wooden longboards any time soon.

It’s a little firm, a little small, and not quite innovative enough.

Still, you could do a lot worse for the price.

all images via Penny official site

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