Complete Skateboards Buying Guide: How To Select A Pre-Built Skateboard (2022)

skateboard in street

A “complete skateboard” is a skateboard that comes pre-assembled with pre-selected components. They are typically cheaper than custom boards – though, they also use cheaper parts – and don’t require any knowledge of a skateboard’s internal workings. A complete skateboard eases the process of selecting your first skateboard, and gives you something to ride without … Read more

Skateboard Balance: What You Need To Know

skateboard on its side

Balance is the most essential skill you will need on a skateboard. Yes, pushing, turning, and being able to stop matter. (You can’t get anywhere by simply staying centered.) But, when it comes down to it, balance is the most rudimentary skill a skateboarder must have. The one that all the other skills build on. … Read more

Essential Skateboard Accessories for Optimal Performance

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Skateboards are not just sports equipment or hobby supply. They are vehicles. Modes of transport. And, like any mode of transport, the better their parts, the better their performance. A standard skateboard is made up of three major components – the deck, the trucks, and the wheels. Any of these components can be upgraded to … Read more

Skateboard Anatomy: How To Build A Board

skull on skateboard art

A skateboard looks simple. But, in reality, it’s a finely-tuned vehicle that can handle speed and a lot of hard knocks. That requires a sturdy build. To have a complete skateboard, you need only seven main components: A deck 2 trucks 4 wheels (with bearings) Each main part of a skateboard has additional parts built-in. … Read more

How To Stand On A Skateboard Correctly

guy standing on skateboard

When you ride a skateboard, there are two ways you can stand – left foot leading or right foot leading. If you stand with your left foot leading, this is considered a “regular” skateboard stance. If you stand with your right foot leading, this is a “goofy” skateboard stance. Despite the names, “regular” is not … Read more

How To Push On A Skateboard (Quick Beginner’s Guide)

pushing on skateboard

Now that you know how to stand on a skateboard, it’s time to learn how to push. Pushing is the very first thing you will do to set your skateboard in motion. It is the impetus that drives a skateboard forward. At least, when you are first starting out. How to Start a Skateboard To … Read more

The 6 Best Skate Parks In Las Vegas

desert breeze skate park

Visiting Sin City and looking for a place to work on your moves with your skateboard? Or maybe you live in Las Vegas and don’t have your own personal half pipe in the backyard. Not to worry fellow skaters, cause there is a live and thriving skateboard community in Vegas.  As a result of this … Read more

Best Longboard Brands (2022)

guy on stairs with longboard

Whether you’re looking to get a complete longboard or longboard deck, there are some skate brands out there that make better longboards than others. So, we dis some research into it and we’ve found the top longboard brands in the industry. These are the longboard brands that are known for making sick gear for longboarders … Read more

Best Skateboard Brands In The World (2022)

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Whether you’re a complete noob or a seasoned skateboarder, one thing is for sure – some brands make way better boards than their competition.  So, we looked into it and we’ve found the top brands in the industry. These are the skateboard brands that are known for making sick gear for skateboarders without compromising on … Read more