Skateboarding For Kids: How To Get Your Child Started With Skateboarding

kid wearing skateboard gear

Skateboarding is really a muscle movement, and, like any muscle movement, the earlier you start to do it, the easier it is to learn. But skateboarding also looks dangerous. When you watch competitors at the Olympics or X Games, you see a lot of spills with potential for injury. The good news is, skateboarding isn’t … Read more

Double Kick, Longboards, Pennyboards: Best Skateboards for Kids (2022)

little girl holding skateboard

If your kid wants to learn how to skateboard, one thing that can go a long way toward success is putting them on the right board. When people think about (and shop for) youth skateboards, they often put them in a completely different category than adult boards, but this simply isn’t necessary. Smaller boards may … Read more

Top Skateboard Tips For Beginners

skateboard in street

When you first start skating, a lot of things can feel impossible. How are you ever going to do a backside tailslide if you can’t even stay on your board? But a lot of things that seem unattainable on a skateboard are closer than you think. Mastering balance on your board is the first, most … Read more

Getting Started Skateboarding for Beginners

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Skateboarding can look a little intimidating. Not only is it a clear skill with balance required, it’s largely done on paved surfaces where spills can prove painful. When you first learn to skateboard, you can expect to feel a bit wobbly. You might even feel somewhat nervous and take a few of those dreaded falls. … Read more

Wheel Bite: A Skater’s Nemesis

wheel bite

If you skate on wheels, whether those wheels are on a skateboard or roller skates, you have the potential to experience wheel bite. Wheel bite is a fairly common occurrence in skateboarding or roller skating for skaters who like to ride on loose trucks (or let their trucks get loose through poor maintenance). If you’ve … Read more

How To Skateboard (Skateboarding Basics To Get You Started)

little boy on skateboard on pavement

Skateboarding can look quite difficult. And the way you see it done at the X Games or skate competitions, it certainly is. But the main aspects of riding a skateboard are not complicated. To get started good and proper, beginners need only master four skills – Pushing Balancing Stopping Correcting/Steering These are the four main … Read more

How To Turn On A Skateboard (Beginner’s Guide)

turn on skateboard

It sounds strange, but turning on a skateboard really isn’t that important when you are first learning to ride. As long as you have a nice straight shot to practice on (like a driveway or parking lot), you can learn the skateboard fundamentals of balancing, pushing, and stopping without having to turn at all. However, … Read more

How to Loosen and Tighten Skateboard Trucks (And Why You Would Want To)

skateboard trucks

The trucks (the metal pieces on the bottom of a skateboard that connects the deck to the wheels) are the steering system of a skateboard. How tightly or loosely those trucks are attached to the deck determines how rigid or how free that steering system is. Skateboards with tight trucks don’t turn easily. That’s by … Read more

How To Stop On A Skateboard (Beginner’s Guide)

stop on skateboard

Riding a skateboard is tricky. The movements are simple, but they require a ton of balance and an ability to react – but not overreact – to changes in terrain and momentum. Stopping a skateboard, by comparison, is relatively easy. Though, it too demands some degree of balance. Along with balancing and pushing, stopping is … Read more

Basic Skateboard: Best Skateboard for Beginners (2022)

basic skateboard

This article is specifically about the best beginner skateboards for adults and other full-size humans. You can find more options for complete boards in our Complete Skateboard Buying Guide, which has several boards appropriate for beginners. When you first step on a skateboard, you have a lot of things to think about. How to make … Read more