6 Best Skate Parks in Las Vegas

Visiting Sin City and looking for a place to work on your moves with your skateboard? Or maybe you live in Las Vegas and don’t have your own personal half pipe in the backyard. Not to worry fellow skaters, cause there is a live and thriving skateboard community in Vegas. As a result of this popularity, there are many great skate parks located throughout the city. Here are several our favorites in the Las Vegas metro area.

SkateCity Skate Park

If it is too hot outside to skate, consider visiting SkateCity Skate Park. This indoor skate park offers a mix of small and large ¼ pipes, ledges, banks, handrails, stair sets, a mini ramp and a really cool foam pit. Both skate boarders and BMX riders are welcome.

Anthem Skate Park

Anthem Skate Park is considered as one of the best skate parks that Las Vegas has to offer. The park has been open since 2003 and offers a huge flow area that has depths ranging from 3 feet to 9 feet. There is also a great kidney pool that has steep transitions. The park requires that a helmet be worn at all times and if you are caught without one you can be ticketed.

Craig Ranch Skate Park

This fairly new skate park in North Las Vegas has already made a name for itself. It has been voted as the best skate park in the city. It is over 65,000 square feet and offers 2 pool bowls, a flow bowl, a half pipe, several square rails, a single round rail, as well as a skate plaza.

Metro Skate Park

Located in Northwest Las Vegas, Metro Skate Park offers a pyramid near the center of the park, a half pipe area, as well as a decent sized bowl and several stair sets. When skateboarding here you need to be careful as the concrete at this park is slippery.

Hollywood Skate Park

Hollywood Skate Park offers 29,000 square feet for skate boarders to use. It features concrete bowls that are connected by an 18 foot full pipe as well as a kidney bowl that is 11 feet deep. There are also several stairs and ledges. This is a great skate park, but if you are bringing kids to the Hollywood, be careful as some of the bowls may be too deep for them.

Doc Romeo Skate Park

One of the largest skate parks in Las Vegas, Doc Romeo is extremely popular. The park offers large bowls and quarter pipes, and according to the regulars there are some huge tranny lines found in the big bowl. The smaller side features fly boxes and rail ledges. When skating here make sure to wear pads and watch out for the bikers.

Overall, if you are in the Las Vegas area and looking for a place to skateboard, there are several great skate parks available. Check them out while you are in the area.

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