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When I was young, there was nothing more that I wanted than a skateboard. I asked for one for Christmas, for my birthday, and any other holiday that I thought I might get a present. And every year, I would be disappointed because that skateboard never showed up. Mom said she wasn’t buying me one so that I could break my neck.

Moms, right? lol

Then, I got myself a job when I was 16 at the local Sonic and bought a shiny, new skateboard after a month of paychecks….and promptly broke my arm! Looks like mom was right!

But, I didn’t let that put a downer on my love of skateboarding. Once I got that cast off, I was right back out there, albeit with a bit of protective gear on this time.

From skateboarding, I progressed to inline skating, some BMX riding, and eventually motorcycle riding. I also took up kayaking and canoeing in college with my dorm mates. I guess I’m just addicted to extreme sports!

In 2017, I went bouldering for the first time (loved it!) and stand up paddle boarding (also loved it!).

I took over Adrenaline Squad in early 2018 as a way to chronicle some adventures and share what I’ve learned about some of these rad sports. It would be dope if reading one of my articles inspires you to take up surfing, skateboarding, or something else awesome.

And if you do, I hope you holla at ya boy and let me know how it was.



P.S. Remember that a lot of these sports can be dangerous (how bout that broken arm?), so do be careful and check-in with your doc if you’re not sure about your ability to do whatever extreme sport you’re interested in mastering.